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got the bag yesterday it is awesome the best money i ever spent it will keep me connected to everyone and everything while im off the radar (meaning i wont get any traffic tickets for speeding across this country on a bicycle) thanks once again
cat - PA


Thank you for getting my order shipped so quickly.  I just found your site and we were leaving for our hiking trip in 3 days.  Your expedited shipping options allowed me to order and receive the solar backpack in time for our trip.  Needless to say, it came in very useful.  I was able to charge my phone and GPS during the entire trip.

Thanks for your speedy service and a great product!
sandy - CA
ITBS Inc BBB Business Review
Solar Charge Bags - Solar Powered Backpack, Solar Laptop Charger
Our solar powered bags allow you to stay connected without being leashed to an electrical outlet.  The solar powered bags and accessories that we carry capture energy from the sun and routes it to a battery power pack which is stored within the bag.  The battery pack acts as your on demand power supply.  Be prepared to amaze your friends with one of the hottest products on earth - a Solar Charge Bag.  Choose the bag which best suits your needs.  All of the solar powered bags that we offer provide plenty of storage space to keep your stuff.  Our sun powered bags offer the largest portable solar panels available for rapid charging.  We also only offer the highest capacity portable power packs available.
Advanced Technology Solar Charge Backpack Bag - Blacksolar mobile phone charger best sellerOur top of the line most advanced solar charge backpack bag.  Stylish, lightweight and packed with energy.
This solar backpack is ready to go when you are.  With its soft flexible amorphous silicon panel and 5,200 mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery, you'll have the power that you need when you need it.
Solar Charge Laptop Bagsolar notebook laptop charger bag best sellerOur solar charge laptop / notebook bag provides a unique method of transporting your portable computer.  It is unique because it will not only hold your computer and accessories, but it will also allow you to recharge your computer with the sun’s energy.  You no longer need to be tied to an electrical outlet!
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Advanced Technology Solar Charge Backpack Bag - Black
Advanced Technology Solar Charge Backpack Bag - Green
Children’s Princess Solar Safety Backpack Bag
Children’s Princess Solar Safety Backpack Bag
Solar Charge Beach Shopping Tote Bag
Solar Charge Carryall Messenger Bag
Solar Charge Laptop Backpack Bag
Solar Charge Laptop Bag
Solar Charge Leather Phone iPod Daypack Bag
Solar Charge Messenger Daypack Bag
Solar Charge Portable Power Conversion Unit - Large (Red)
Solar Charge Portable Power Conversion Unit - Small
Many people who love the outdoors also find that modern technology may be very useful.  The advances in portable devices and the information and features that they offer can enhance our experience; whether it is identifying plants, birds or animals, GPS locating, staying in touch via SMS, e-mail or phone, playing games, music or any number of functions offered by modern mobile devices.

One thing in common among the various mobile devices is that they run on batteries.  The longer you use the device, less battery power is available until eventually, your device needs to be charged before you can use it again.  This can be a problem if you are outdoors and not close to an AC outlet or computer USB port to charge your device.

The solution is solar power.  A solar charger can be used to store the sun’s energy and make it available when you need it to charge your mobile device.  A solar mobile charger has become as essential as the various mobile devices that we rely on in our day-to-day activities.
All of our products can be used as a solar cell phone charger to give life back to the mobile device that you have become so accustomed to using.  Not only that, our products fit conveniently within your lifestyle by offering numerous storage options while offering convenience and ease of use.

Please take some time to browse the various solar charger products that we offer.  We have searched far and wide to find the highest quality solar mobile charger and solar cell phone charger products and brought them all to one place so that you have the best selection at your fingertips.

A solar charger works by collecting energy from sun rays and storing the energy in an external, removable battery pack.  The battery pack has a USB port just like the one on your computer.  Connecting your mobile device to the USB port allows energy to flow from the solar mobile charger to your mobile device.  Connecting your cell phone to the USB port allows energy to flow from the solar cell phone charger to your cell phone.

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